Presenter: General Purpose: Specific Purpose: Central Idea: Informative Speech Outline Sample Student To inform To inform the audience about Google Incorporation and its significant and various technological innovations. Google is more than a search engine; it is one of the most technologically innovative companies of the 21st century. l. Introduction A. Imagine yourself walking into a bookstore that contains billions of books. Billions of books that's not organized, not in alphabetic, categorical, or genre order; No employee to assist you and no centralized system.You need to find a specific book in short amount of time. Posed in this predicament, it is extremely doubtful you'll be able to find that book. The World Wide Web is no different; it is a highly disorganized collection of documents in many different formats. But thanks to search engines, we know there's a solution. B. Google is the most popular search engine used by everyone in the world today. It provides users organized and relevant search results in a matter of seconds.

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